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Adventurer Analytical and Precision
Adventurer Analytical and Precision  
Adventurer Analytical and Precision Balance - Color Touchscreen with wide viewing angle. Ingenious draftshield opens wide on both sides. Automatic internal calibration system that calibrates the balance daily. Real time clock with GLP/GMP data. Application modes for Weighing, Dynamic Weighing, Display Hold, Parts Counting, Density Determination, Totalization/Statistic, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing and Formulation. Weighing units for: gram, milligram, mesgal, Newton, ounce, pennyweight, baht, carat, grain, pound, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, tical, tola, ounce troy, 1 custom unit. RS232, (2)USB ports. 100-240 VAC adapter. 9.05”W x 13.93”D x 13.39”H. 2 year warranty.

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Price USD   Add to Cart 
Analytical - 90mm dia         
 AX124   120g x 0.0001g   18.00   8223   $3,000.00   
 AX224   220g x 0.0001g   18.00   8224   $3,300.00   
 AX324   320g x 0.0001g   18.00   8225   $3,708.00   
 AX223   220g x 0.001g   19.00   8226   $1,751.00   
 AX423   420g x 0.001g   19.00   8228   $2,369.00   
 AX523   520g x 0.001g   19.00   8228   $2,369.00   

Precision - 200x200mm
 AX1502   1,520g x 0.01g   15.00   8229   $1,751.00   
 AX2202   2,200g x 0.01g   15.00   8230   $1,957.00   
 AX4202   4,200g x 0.01g   15.00   8231   $2,266.00   
 AX5202   5,200g x 0.01g   15.00   8232   $2,472.00   
 AX8202   8,200g x 0.1g   13.00   8233   $1,523.00   

 30064203 SF40A Dot Matrix impact printer      2.00   1754   $760.00   
 80500525 Cable to IBM 9 pin serial      1.00   3047   $147.00   
 83021085 USB interface w/cable      14.00   8324   $1,050.00   
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