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MC-1000 A&D Analytical Balance

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

MC-1000 Analytical Balance - Precision balances with extended resolution. VFD display. Display weight results with an extra decimal place not normally found in balances of this capacity. Weighing units for: g, oz, lb, lb/oz, troy oz, ct, dwt, grain, momme. Applications include: Precious metal weighing, Fill ratio of gas cylinders, Electronic & semiconductor manufacturing, Moisture content of catalysts, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Precision check-weighing with wider ranges, Discharge from feeders (loss in weight), Cutting dust contaminants) left on mechanical parts, Particles trapped by particulate filters. Super hybrid sensor technology. Manage ASTm & OIML weights. Auto-centering pan options. Auto environmental adjustment. Counting, percentage, comparator modes. GLP/LIMS/ISO compliance. Underhook. Internal calibration standard. 5 year warranty.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy
MC-1000S 1100 x 0.1mg
Pan: 5.04" x 5.04"
MC-6100S 6100 x 0.001g
Pan: 6.49" x 6.49"
MC-10KS 10.1kg x 0.001g
Pan: 10.6" x 8.26"
MC-30KS 3kg x 0.01g
Pan: 10.6" x 8.26"
MC-100KS 101kg x 0.01g
Pan: 15.1" x 13.5"6"

AX-MC1000PAN Auto centering pan 1.006693Call$1,320.00Buy
AX-MC6100PAN Auto centering pan 1.006694Call$1,320.00Buy
AX-MC-10K/30K Auto centering pan 1.006695Call$1,605.00Buy
GX-15 Carrying case MC/10K/30K 1.006696Call$595.00Buy
AD-1684 Electrostatic Fieldmaster for MC-1000 1.006697Call$1,680.00Buy
AD-1688 Weighing data logger for MC-1000 1.006698Call$350.00Buy
AD-1689 Tweezers for calibration weight for MC-1000 1.006699Call$215.00Buy
KO:WW9-25 RS232C cable for MC-1000 1.0067002$55.00Buy
AX-USB-2920-25P USB to 25 pin for MC-1000 1.006701Call$90.00Buy
AX-USB-2920-9P USB to 9 pin RS-232 for MC-1000 1.0067442$65.00Buy
GX-02* USB option w/ cable for MC-1000/6100 1.007577Call$160.00Buy
GX-04* Comparator Output, only for MC-1000/6100 1.004693Call$910.00Buy
GX-06* Analog output for MC-1000 1.004694Call$960.00Buy
GX-12 Animal weighing pan for MC-1000 1.004697Call$210.00Buy
GX-13* Density determination kit for MC-1000 1.0046981$720.00Buy
AD-8922A Remote controller for MC-1000 3.002234Call$690.00Buy
GX-04K** Comparator output & RS232C for MC-1000 1.006638Call$395.00Buy
GX-06K** Analog voltage output/ 20ma interface for MC-1000 1.006639Call$905.00Buy
GX-07K Waterproof RS232C for MC-1000 1.006640Call$335.00Buy
AD-1682 External rechargeable battery pack for MC-1000 5.001682Call$775.00Buy
AD-1683 Static eliminator for MC-1000 3.0012481$1,300.00Buy
AD-8121B Multifunction printer for MC-1000 0.161974Call$282.00Buy
SW:128 Foot switch for MC-1000 1.004699Call$95.00Buy

*GX-02,GX-04,GX-06, & the std RS232C interface cannot be used     
**GX-04K,GX-06K, & the standard RS232C interface cannot be used     

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