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110RH-WL Anyload dynamometer

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Wireless tension link or dynamometer with remote indicator.
Alloy steel with powder coated finish IP67.
Wireless distance 30m. 100 hours operating time.
(3)AA batteries, included for link.
Wireless indicator IP65 ABS wash down enclosure with LCD and backlight.
(3)AA batteries, included for indicator.
Function keys for ON/OFF, ZERO, PEAK, TARE. Units: kg, g, t, lb, Klb, N,kN, oz, user defined.
(2)set points for precaution and warning.
Auto power off.
Auto zero tracking.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy
110RH-500kg-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 500 kg x 0.1kg0.003327Call$1,525.00Buy
110RH-1t-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 1,000 kg x 0.2 kg0.003328Call$1,525.00Buy
110RH-2t-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 2,000 kg x 0.5 kg0.003329Call$1,525.00Buy
110RH-5t-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 5,000 kg x 1 kg0.003331Call$2,050.00Buy
110RH-10t-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 10,000 kg x 2 kg0.003332Call$2,339.00Buy
110RH-20t-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 20,000 kg x 5 kg0.003333Call$3,126.00Buy
110RH-30t-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 30,000 kg x 10 kg0.003334Call$4,467.00Buy
110RH-50t-WL-FP7 Anyload dynamometer 50,000 kg x 10 kg0.003335Call$5,400.00Buy

Optional shackles
SBX-2t shackle for 110RH-WL 500kg 1t, 2t2.002527Call$26.78Buy
SBX-3.25t shackle for 110RH-WL 1t, 2t2.002528Call$32.14Buy
SBX-4.75t shackle for 110RH-WL 2t5.002529Call$39.28Buy
SBX-6.5t shackle for 110RH-WL 5t2.002530Call$55.35Buy
SBX-12t shackle for 110RH-WL 10t2.002531Call$100.00Buy
SBX-13.5t shackle for 110RH-WL 10t2.002532Call$132.00Buy
SBX-25t shackle for 110RH-WL 20t2.002533Call$292.00Buy
SBX-35t shackle for 110RH-WL 30t2.002534Call$408.00Buy
SBX-55t shackle for 110RH-Wl 50t2.002535Call$919.00Buy
SBX-120t shackle for 110RH-WL 100t2.002536Call$2,135.00Buy

Service Parts
805HP-WL wireless indicator for 110RH-WL 0.003337Call$683.00Buy

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