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1200 Totalcomp J box

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Stainless Steel
NEMA 4 enclosure contains printed circuit card specifically designed to adjust each load cell Span without effecting zero.
One multiturn potentiometer per load cell shunts the output and two series output isolation resistors limit zero interaction.
Terminal blocks are lever type that simplify wire connection.
Strip the wire, push the lever, insert the wire and release the lever.
Accepts wire size 26 to 14 AWG.
One terminal block for each load cell and one terminal block for the indicator.
Expansion terminal block is on models 1250, 1251 and 1260 for expansion to another summing box.
Span adjustment is 3% for 350 ohm load cells; 5% for 700 ohm load cells.
Corrosion proof nylon strain reliefs are provided for cable 0.197"-0.354" dia.
Enclosure size is 6-1/2" x 8-3/8" x 1-3/4"H.
Circuit card size is 4-7/8" x 6-3/4" x 5/8"H

Section Adjustment 1251, 1260, 1280, 12100 circuit cards have section adjust pots for ease in scale calibration.
First the two cells in each section are matched.
Then the sections are matched with the additional section pots.
Both cells in a section should have load cells.
If one load cell is not wired to a section, resistors should be connected that have an equivalent resistance.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

SS NEMA 4 Enclosure With Summing Card
1250-4-SS Cells: 2 to 44.0010075$455.00Buy
1251-4-SS Cells: 2 to 44.001051Call$483.00Buy
1260-6-SS Cells: 5 to 65.001008Call$540.00Buy
1280-8-SS Cells: 7 to 85.0010096$536.00Buy
12100-10-SS Cells: 9 to 104.0029557$589.00Buy

Summing Card Only
1250 Card Only Cells: 2 to 41.006204$201.00Buy
1251 Card Only Cells: 2 to 41.0010498$227.00Buy
1260 Card Only Cells: 5 to 61.00622Call$254.00Buy
1280 Card Only Cells: 7 to 81.006242$281.00Buy
12100 Card Only Cells: 9 to 101.006671$367.00Buy

SS NEMA 4 Enslosure w/Summing Card w/Surge Protection
1250-4-SS-SP Cells: 2 to 44.0042294$583.00Buy
1251-4-SS-SP Cells: 2 to 45.004230Call$577.00Buy
1260-6-SS-SP Cells: 5 to 65.0042313$631.00Buy
1280-8-SS-SP Cells: 7 to 84.00423221$705.00Buy
12100-10-SS-SP Cells: 9 to 104.0042333$761.00Buy

Summing Card Only w/Surge Protection
1250-SP Card Only Cells: 2 to 41.004234Call$322.00Buy
1251-SP Card Only Cells: 2 to 41.0042352$349.00Buy
1260-SP Card Only Cells: 5 to 61.0042363$409.00Buy
1280-SP Card Only Cells: 7 to 81.0042375$403.00Buy
12100-SP Card Only Cells: 9 to 101.0042383$475.00Buy

Enclosure Without Card
1250B/1251B Enclosure only with 5 strain reliefs 4.001310Call$274.00Buy
1260B Enclosure only with 7 strain reliefs 4.0013131$294.00Buy
1280B Enclosure only with 9 strain reliefs 4.0013142$321.00Buy
12100B Enclosure only with 11 strain reliefs 5.0029562$353.00Buy

SS - Stainless Steel

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