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2200CW Doran Scale

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Expansive 250 product ID database, versatile communications, powerful control options and outstanding PC support software in a simple to use, technologically advanced and extremely rugged package. Quad spring base. Heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction and NEMA 4X classification for washdown protection. 6 digit red LED. Keys for: TARE, GROSS/NET, ZERO, PRINT, UNITS, ACCUM, CLEAR, PROD ID, SET POINT, OVER, UNDER, ENTER, DECIMAL POINT, NUMERIC KEYPAD 0-9. Indicators for net, zero, batt, mot, over, under, accept. Units are lb, oz, kg, g/lb/oz. Two programmable inputs. Two configurable bidirectional RS232 serial ports. Eight digital outputs. 2 year warranty.

NTEP 06-101, III, 10,000 div (2200CW)
NTEP 97-097A1 (15" x 15")
NTEP 05-062 (18" x 18", 18" x 24", 24" x 24")

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

10" x 10" Platform 14" column
2202CW-C14* 2 x 0.0005lb21.007301Call$1,820.00Buy
2205CW-C14* 5 x 0.001lb21.007302Call$1,820.00Buy
2210CW-C14* 10 x 0.002lb26.007303Call$1,820.00Buy
2225CW-C14* 25 x 0.005lb21.007304Call$1,820.00Buy
2250CW-C14* 50 x 0.01lb21.007305Call$1,820.00Buy

12" x 12" Platform 14" Column
2250CW/12-C14* 50 x 0.01lb26.007306Call$1,930.00Buy
22100CW/12-C14* 100 x 0.02lb26.007307Call$1,930.00Buy

15" x 15" Platform 14" Column
2250CW/15-C14* 50 x 0.01lb45.007308Call$2,250.00Buy
22100CW/15-C14* 100 x 0.02lb45.007309Call$2,250.00Buy
22200CW/15-C14* 200 x 0.05lb45.007310Call$2,250.00Buy

15" x 15" Platform 20" Column
2250CW/15-C20* 50 x 0.01lb71.007311Call$2,325.00Buy
22100CW/15-C20* 100 x 0.02lb71.007312Call$2,325.00Buy
22200CW/15-C20* 200 x 0.05 lb71.007313Call$2,325.00Buy

18" x 18" Platform 20" Column
22100CW/18S-C20* 100 x 0.02lb11.007314Call$2,600.00Buy
22250CW/18S-C20* 250 x 0.05lb78.007315Call$2,600.00Buy
22500CW/18S-C20* 500 x 0.1lb78.007316Call$2,600.00Buy

18" x 24" Platform 20" Column
22250CW/1824-C20* 250 x 0.05lb105.007317Call$2,820.00Buy
22500CW/1824-C20* 500 x 0.1lb105.007318Call$2,820.00Buy

24" x 24" Platform 20" Column
22250CW/2424-C20* 250 x 0.05lb116.007319Call$3,180.00Buy
22500CW/2424-C20* 500 x 0.1lb116.007320Call$3,180.00Buy
22100CW/2424-C20* 1,000 x 0.2lb116.007321Call$3,180.00Buy

*sent in (2) boxes.

Service Parts
SUB0663 keypad (4)screws for 2200CW 1.0070193$240.00Buy
SUB0869 keypad (12)screws for 2200CW 1.0070181$120.00Buy
2200CW Digital weight indicator 9.007322Call$910.00Buy

EXOPT118 RS232 10' cable w/pigtails for 2200CW 1.006100Call$100.00Buy
EXOPT148 RS232 10' cable 25 pin D female for 2200CW 1.006228Call$100.00Buy
EXOPT119 RS232 10' cable 9 pin D female for 2200CW 1.006175Call$100.00Buy
EXOPT147 External DC power 12VDC for 2200CW 3.006306Call$266.00Buy
EXOPT136 Stainless steel load cell for 10" base for 2200CW 2.006270Call$399.00Buy
EXOPT137 Stainless steel load cell for 12" base for 2200CW 2.006283Call$399.00Buy
EXOPT138 Stainless steel load cell for 15" base for 2200CW 2.006284Call$399.00Buy
EXOPT115 Remote ZERO switch for 2200CW 2.006260Call$120.00Buy
EXOPT116 Remote PRINT switch for 2200CW 1.006261Call$120.00Buy
EXOPT117 Remote UNITS switch for 2200CW 1.006262Call$120.00Buy

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