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65016W-SS Sensortronics Tank

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Beam only - 3 mv/v, 0.05% nonlinearity, 700 ohms, 25 ft 4 cond cable, stainless steel, IP67.

Mounting Assembly only - Mounting assembly is cast stainless steel. These mounts are cast.

Beam & Mounting Assembly - Welded covers over gauged area. 3 mv/v, 0.05% nonlinearity, 700 ohms, 25 ft 4 cond cable.Load cell is stainless steel. Mount is cast stainless steel, IP67

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

Beam only
65016-1K-0104W-SS 1,000lb4.009383$673.92Buy
65016-1.5K-0104W-SS 1,500lb5.009393$665.60Buy
65016-2K-0104W-SS 2,000lb5.009402$673.92Buy
65016-2.5K-0104W-SS 2,500lb4.00941Call$673.92Buy
65016-5K-0104W-SS 5,000lb5.009428$673.92Buy
65016-10K-0104W-SS 10,000lb7.00943Call$685.56Buy
65016-15K-0104W-SS 15,000lb8.00944Call$686.40Buy
65016-20K-0104W-SS 20,000lb8.00945Call$686.40Buy
65016-25K-0104W-SS 25,000lb9.009463$686.40Buy
65016-35K-0104W-SS 35,000lb10.002862Call$1,123.20Buy
65016-50K-0104W-SS 50,000lb25.00947Call$1,360.32Buy
65016-75K-0104W-SS 75,000lb25.00948Call$1,360.32Buy

Mounting Assembly only
1605-SS 1,000 - 5,000lb17.001385Call$480.00Buy
1625-SS 10,000 - 25,000lb56.001386Call$955.00Buy
1625-0104-SS 35,000lb56.001717Call$1,290.00Buy
1650-SS 50,000 - 60,000lb130.001387Call$2,595.00Buy
1675-SS 75,000lb130.001496Call$2,595.00Buy

Tank Beam & Mounting Assembly
65016-1K w/1605-SS 1,000lb20.00938 & 1385Call$1,075.00Buy
65016-1.5K w/1605-SS 1,500lb20.00939 & 1385Call$1,075.00Buy
65016-2K w/1605-SS 2,000lb20.00940 & 1385Call$1,075.00Buy
65016-2.5K w/1605-SS 2,500lb20.00941 & 1385Call$1,075.00Buy
65016-3K w/1605-SS 3,000lb20.00215 & 1385Call$1,075.00Buy
65016-5K w/1605-SS 5,000lb20.00942 & 1385Call$1,075.00Buy
65016-10K w/1625-SS 10,000lb63.00943 & 1386Call$1,564.00Buy
65016-15K w/1625-SS 15,000lb63.00944 & 1386Call$1,640.00Buy
65016-20K w/1625-SS 20,000lb63.00945 & 1386Call$1,640.00Buy
65016-25K w/1625-SS 25,000lb63.00946 & 1386Call$1,640.00Buy
65016-35K w/1625-SS 35,000lb71.002862 & 1717Call$2,299.00Buy
65016-50K w/1650-SS 50,000lb155.00947 & 1387Call$3,445.00Buy
65016-75K w/1675-SS 75,000lb155.00948 & 1496Call$3,445.00Buy

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