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Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

For use with digital force gauges, digital torque gauges, digital force/torque indicators and test stands.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy
08-1026 Replacement battery 1.005951Call$20.00Buy
AC1030 AC adapter/charger 110V US 2.005952Call$45.00Buy
AC1031 AC adapter/charger 220V Europe 2.005953Call$45.00Buy
AC1032 AC adapter/charger 220V UK 2.005979Call$45.00Buy
AC1035 AC adapter/charger 220V Australia 2.005980Call$45.00Buy
AC1002 Double handle grip BG/EG 2.005955Call$145.00Buy
AC1002-1 Single handle grip BG/EG 2.005956Call$130.00Buy
AC1003 Double handle grip MG 2.005957Call$115.00Buy
AC1003-1 Single handle grip MG 2.005958Call$95.00Buy
AC1004 Mounting kit indicator TT03 to TS 1.005705Call$95.00Buy
AC1006 STC Mounting kit 2.005843Call$75.00Buy
AC1007 STJ Mounting kit 2.005961Call$100.00Buy
AC1008 Stand indicator TT03 1.005503Call$160.00Buy
AC1010 STE Mounting kit MR55 2.005963Call$125.00Buy
AC1014 Jacobs chuck R52 0.062"-0.345" 2.005844Call$175.00Buy
AC1014-1 Jacobs chuck R52 0.028"-0.25" 2.005594Call$175.00Buy
AC1015 STH/TST Mounting kit 1.005959Call$75.00Buy
AC1016 STE200/400 to TST Mounting kit 2.005960Call$75.00Buy
AC1016-1 Mounting kit R55 to TST 2.004210Call$75.00Buy
AC1018 Mounting kit R01 to TST 2.004211Call$120.00Buy
AC1019 Air connection kit G1046 1.004212Call$265.00Buy
AC1044 Maintenance kit G1046 2.004213Call$110.00Buy
AC1020 Gauge mounting kit DFE 2.004214Call$110.00Buy
AC1021 Gauge mounting kit DFM 2.004215Call$110.00Buy
AC1022 Gauge mounting kit DFIS 2.004216Call$110.00Buy
AC1023 Gauge mounting kit AFG 2.004217Call$110.00Buy
AC1024 Gauge mounting kit ESM 2.004218Call$110.00Buy
AC1025 Gauge mounting kit FGV 2.0042192$110.00Buy
AC1037 Gauge mounting kit DFE 2.004594Call$110.00Buy
AC1038 Gauge mounting kit DFM 2.004595Call$110.00Buy
AC1039 Gauge mounting kit DFIS 2.004596Call$110.00Buy
AC1040 Gauge mounting kit AFG 2.004597Call$110.00Buy
AC1041 Gauge mounting kit TSA 2.004598Call$110.00Buy
AC1042 Gauge mounting kit FGV 2.004599Call$110.00Buy
AC1061 Gauge mounting kit TCD 2.004600Call$90.00Buy
AC1069 Gauge mounting kit Mecmesin 2.004601Call$90.00Buy
AC1029 Axial compressor 2.004602Call$230.00Buy
AC1043 Hi Lo limits indicator 2.004603Call$125.00Buy
AC1051 Foot switch 7/M71 2.007455Call$205.00Buy
AC1052 Mounting plate 500 lb 2.007456Call$60.00Buy
AC1058 Mounting plate 2,000 lb 2.007457Call$90.00Buy
AC1053 Set of 4 blanks for G1089 syringe fixture 2.007458Call$175.00Buy
AC1062 Mounting kit indicator load cell ESM 2.007459Call$265.00Buy
AC1064 Load cell mounting hardware ESM303 2.008421Call$60.00Buy
AC1065 Load cell mounting hardware ESM1500/750 2.008422Call$100.00Buy
AC1067 Rollers for bend fixtures 1mm set of 4 2.008423Call$90.00Buy
AC1067-1 Rollers for bend fixtures 2mm set of 4 2.008424Call$90.00Buy
AC1067-2 Rollers for bend fixtures 5mm set of 4 2.008425Call$90.00Buy
AC1067-3 Rollers for bend fixtures 10mm set of 4 2.007804Call$90.00Buy
AC1068 Test strips G1098 4.007805Call$175.00Buy
AC1070-1 Jaws for G1100 2.36" 2.007806Call$335.00Buy
AC1070-2 Jaws for G1100 3.94" 2.007807Call$380.00Buy
AC1071-1 Jaws for G1101 1.18" 2.007808Call$140.00Buy
AC1071-2 Jaws for G1101 1.97" 2.007809Call$210.00Buy
AC1071-3 Jaws for G1101 3.15" 2.007810Call$285.00Buy
AC1071-4 Jaws for G1101 3.94" 2.007811Call$330.00Buy
AC1073-1 Inline adapter 3/2 force gauge 2.007812Call$120.00Buy
AC1073-2 Inline adapter 7/5/4 force gauge 8.007813Call$155.00Buy
AC1073-3 Inline adapter E force gauge 2.008321Call$155.00Buy
AC1074 Remote emergency switch ESM 2.008322Call$295.00Buy
AC1076-1 Mounting posts G1086 ESM750 2.008323Call$60.00Buy
AC1076-2 Mounting posts G1086 ESM1500 2.008324Call$60.00Buy
AC1077 Connector covers kit TT01 2.008325Call$25.00Buy
AC1078 Adjustable angle pulley adapter G1109 2.008326Call$450.00Buy
AC1079 Adjustable angle mount G1109 1.008327Call$525.00Buy
AC1080 Adapter G1023 to G1109 1.008328Call$175.00Buy
AC1087 Adapter G1109 to ESM 1.008329Call$170.00Buy
20-1025 Chuck key 1/2 1.008330Call$10.00Buy
20-1025-1 Chuck key 1/4 3/8 1.008331Call$10.00Buy
Certified NIST certificate w/data 4.005971Call$85.00Buy

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