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AX Adventurer Ohaus Precision

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Adventurer Analytical and Precision Balance - Color Touchscreen with wide viewing angle. Ingenious draftshield opens wide on both sides. Automatic internal calibration system that calibrates the balance daily. Real time clock with GLP/GMP data. Application modes for Weighing, Dynamic Weighing, Display Hold, Parts Counting, Density Determination, Totalization/Statistic, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing and Formulation. Weighing units for: gram, milligram, mesgal, Newton, ounce, pennyweight, baht, carat, grain, pound, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, tical, tola, ounce troy, 1 custom unit. RS232, (2)USB ports. 100-240 VAC adapter. 9.05"W x 13.93"D x 13.39"H. 2 year warranty.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

130 mm dia Pan
AX223 220g x 0.001g19.008226Call$1,990.00Buy
AX423 420g x 0.001g19.0082272$2,405.00Buy
AX523 520g x 0.001g19.008228Call$2,630.00Buy

175 x 195 mm Pan
AX622 620 x 0.01g12.003966Call$1,510.00Buy
AX1502 1,520g x 0.01g15.008229Call$1,845.00Buy
AX2202 2,200g x 0.01g15.008230Call$1,965.00Buy
AX4202 4,200g x 0.01g15.008231Call$2,465.00Buy
AX5202 5,200g x 0.01g13.008232Call$2,795.00Buy
AX4201 4,200g x 0.1g28.003973Call$1,630.00Buy
AX8201 8,200g x 0.1g13.008233Call$1,905.00Buy

External Calibration
130 mm dia Pan
AX223/E 220g x 0.001g18.003963Call$1,585.00Buy
AX423/E 420g x 0.001g18.003964Call$1,955.00Buy
AX523/E 520g x 0.001g12.003965Call$2,150.00Buy

External Calibration
175 x 195 mm Pan
AX422/E 420g x 0.001g12.003967Call$1,105.00Buy
AX822/E 620 x 0.01g12.003968Call$1,305.00Buy
AX1502/E 1,520g x 0.01g49.003969Call$1,415.00Buy
AX2202/E 2,200g x 0.01g47.003970Call$1,525.00Buy
AX4202/E 4,200g x 0.01g13.003971Call$1,980.00Buy
AX2201/E 2,200g x 0.1g28.003972Call$1,250.00Buy
AX4201/E 4,200g x 0.1g28.003974Call$1,415.00Buy
AX8201/E 8,200g x 0.1g28.003975Call$1,585.00Buy

NTEP Legal for Trade
130 mm dia Pan
AX423N 420g x 0.001g18.005329Call$2,570.00Buy

NTEP Legal for Trade Auto Cal
130 mm dia Pan
AX223N/E 220g x 0.001g18.006532Call$1,750.00Buy
AX423N/E 420g x 0.001g18.006533Call$2,090.00Buy
AX523N/E 520g x 0.001g18.006534Call$2,320.00Buy

175 x 195 mm Pan
AX622N/E 620 x 0.01g18.006535Call$1,355.00Buy
AX1502N/E 1,520g x 0.01g18.006536Call$1,525.00Buy
AX2202N/E 2,200g x 0.01g18.006537Call$1,695.00Buy
AX4202N/E 4,200g x 0.01g18.006538Call$2,150.00Buy
AX8201N/E 8,200g x 0.1g18.006539Call$1,695.00Buy

30064203 SF40A Dot Matrix impact printer 2.0017541$1,070.00Buy
80500525 Cable to IBM 9 pin serial for Ohaus AX 1.003047Call$209.00Buy
83021085 USB interface w/cable for Ohaus AX 1.0082341$209.00Buy

Service Parts
30111779 main board for Ohaus AX 1.0065272$453.00Buy
30111768 keypad for Ohaus AX 1.006528Call$40.00Buy
30111777 Ohaus in use cover AX w/o draft 3.003639Call$35.55Buy

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