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Type SB14 Load Cell
Type SB14 Load Cell  
Replacement for beam cell in Fairbanks LCF-4060 base. Load hole is blind. Cone counterbore. Set screw holes (2) on side of cell. 2 mv/v, 0.02% combined error, 1100/1000 ohm, 9 ft 4 cond cable, stainless steel, IP68

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Price USD   Add to Cart 
 SB14-500LB-HB   500lb   4.00   6049   $346.00   
 SB14-1KLB-HB   1,000lb   4.00   6447   $346.00   
 SB14-2.5KLB-HB   2,500lb   4.00   6448   $346.00   
 SB14-5KLB-HB   5,000lb   6.00   6449   $346.00   
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