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Bench Scale Model EW-i
Bench Scale Model EW-i  
The EW-i Series scales offer attractive triple ranges at an even more economical price. Weighing modes include gram(g), decimal ounce(oz), decimal pound(lb), troy ounce(ozt), pennyweight(dwt), carat(ct), Momme(mm), Grain Unit(GU), tael(tl), percentage and counting functions. Includes RS-232C interface for connecting computers and printers. Includes AC adapter, 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, 2.5 VA, 7.5"W x 8.6"D x 2.2"H. NTEP 04-019 Class III

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 Part Number   Description   Weight   Stock   Price USD   Add to Cart 

4.3" dia Pan

30g x 0.01g
60g x 0.02g
150g x 0.05g 
 4.00   5644   $425.00   

5.2" x 6.7" Pan

300g x 0.1g
600g x 0.2g
1500g x 0.5g 
 5.00   5645   $425.00   
 EW-12Ki (Not NTEP)   

3,000g x 1g
6,000 x 2g
12,000g x 5g 
 5.00   5646   $425.00   

 EKW-04i Comparator/Relay output/Buzzer      1.00   5656   $160.00   
 EKW-07i Underhook for EK-6000i & 12Ki      1.00   5657   $52.00   
 EKW-09i Rechargeable NiCd battery pack      4.00   5658   $209.00   
 AX:3005824-5S Protective in use cover      1.00   5231   $13.00   
 EJ-12 Carry case for EW/EK-i      2.00   5659   $43.00   
 AD-100-2 Anti theft device      1.00   1849   $73.00   

Service Parts
 TB:662 AC adapter 120VAC      1.00   1305   $43.00   
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