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RTN HBM canister

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Strain gauge load cell
2.85 mv/v, 4450 ohm input, 4010 ohm output
5 m 4 wire cable
IP68 stainless steel
OIML Legal for Trade

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

1-RTNC3/1T HBM canister 1 t4.004661$1,834.00Buy
1-RTNC3/2.2T HBM canister 2.2 t2.006466Call$1,832.00Buy
1-RTNC3/4.7T HBM canister 4.7 t4.00467Call$1,895.00Buy
1-RTNC3/10T HBM canister 10 t4.004683$1,842.96Buy
1-RTNC3/15T HBM canister 15 t2.00469Call$1,948.00Buy
1-RTNC3/22T HBM canister 22 t6.004703$2,052.00Buy
1-RTNC3/33T HBM canister 33 t8.00471Call$2,212.00Buy
1-RTNC3/47T HBM canister 47 t2.00472Call$2,350.00Buy
1-RTNC3/68T HBM canister 68 t2.00473Call$2,405.00Buy

1-RTN0.05/1T HBM canister 1 t3.00771Call$1,712.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/2.2T HBM canister 2.2 t2.00772Call$1,747.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/4.7T HBM canister 4.7 t2.00773Call$1,775.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/10T HBM canister 10 t4.00774Call$1,804.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/15T HBM canister 15 t2.00775Call$1,844.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/22T HBM canister 22 t6.00776Call$1,913.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/33T HBM canister 33 t8.00777Call$2,038.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/47T HBM canister 47 t12.00778Call$2,176.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/68T HBM canister 68 t15.007792$2,234.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/100T HBM canister 100 t15.00498Call$3,443.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/150T HBM canister 150 t17.00499Call$5,212.00Buy
1-RTN0.05/220T HBM canister 220 t22.00500Call$8,537.00Buy

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