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Electronic Troemner Weights

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Stackable grip handle and cylindrical stainless steel weights for calibration and adjustment of all electronic balances and scales. Constructed of highly polished stainless steel. Made in strict accordance with standard specifications for laboratory weights and precision mass standards ANSI/ASTM E617. Weights from 10g thru 5kg include a glove and a hinged carrying case with foam interior. Optional cases and gloves are available for weights 8 kg thru 30 kg. Also available in ASTM Class 2, 3 and 4 as well as Troemner Ultra Class. Statement of Accuracy will come with Troemner weights. It verifies that the weight has been manufactured to meet all specifications for its class and has been calibrated using standards traceable to NIST. Note: There is no NIST traceability supplied with this statement. Not suitable for quality or regulatory requirements

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

ASTM Class 1
8158 Weight: 10g cyl1.001345Call$116.00Buy
8156 Weight: 20g cyl1.001344Call$116.00Buy
8154 Weight: 30g cyl1.001343Call$116.00Buy
8153 Weight: 40g cyl1.001342Call$116.00Buy
8152 Weight: 50g cyl1.001341Call$116.00Buy
8150 Weight: 60g cyl1.001340Call$120.00Buy
8148 Weight: 70g cyl1.001339Call$126.00Buy
8146 Weight: 80g cyl1.001338Call$130.00Buy
8144 Weight: 100g cyl1.001337Call$135.00Buy
8142 Weight: 150g cyl1.001336Call$140.00Buy
8140 Weight: 160g cyl1.001335Call$157.00Buy
8138 Weight: 200g cyl2.001334Call$162.00Buy
8136 Weight: 300g cyl2.001333Call$168.00Buy
8134 Weight: 400g cyl2.0013327$182.00Buy
8132 Weight: 500g cyl2.001331Call$192.00Buy
8130 Weight: 600g cyl2.001330Call$233.00Buy
8128 Weight: 1,000g cyl5.001329Call$238.75Buy
8126 Weight: 1,500g cyl6.001328Call$245.00Buy
8124 Weight: 2kg cyl7.0013272$269.00Buy
8122 Weigh: 3kg cyl9.001326Call$440.00Buy
8120 Weight: 4kg cyl11.001325Call$744.00Buy
8118 Weight: 4kg grip11.001324Call$880.00Buy
8116 Weight: 5kg cyl13.001323Call$851.00Buy
8114 Weight: 5kg grip13.001322Call$935.00Buy
8112 Weight: 8kg grip19.001321Call$1,246.00Buy
8110 Weight: 10kg grip24.001320Call$1,280.00Buy
8108 Weight: 16kg grip36.001319Call$1,787.00Buy
8106 Weight: 20kg grip48.001318Call$1,928.00Buy
8104 Weight: 24kg grip53.001317Call$2,232.00Buy
8102 Weight: 25kg grip58.001316Call$2,299.00Buy
8100 Weight: 30kg grip68.001315Call$2,694.00Buy

ASTM Class 1 with Traceable certificate
8158T Weight: 10g cyl1.001376Call$170.00Buy
8156T Weight: 20g cyl1.001375Call$170.00Buy
8154T Weight: 30g cyl1.001374Call$170.00Buy
8153T Weight: 40g cyl1.001373Call$170.00Buy
8152T Weight: 50g cyl1.001372Call$170.00Buy
8150T Weight: 60g cyl1.001371Call$175.00Buy
8148T Weight: 70g cyl1.001370Call$178.00Buy
8146T Weight: 80g cyl1.001369Call$181.00Buy
8144T Weight: 100g cyl1.001368Call$185.00Buy
8142T Weight: 150g cyl1.001367Call$218.00Buy
8140T Weight: 160g cyl1.001366Call$234.00Buy
8138T Weight: 200g cyl2.001365Call$237.00Buy
8136T Weight: 300g cyl2.001364Call$244.00Buy
8134T Weight: 400g cyl2.001363Call$260.00Buy
8132T Weight: 500g cyl2.001362Call$272.00Buy
8130T Weight: 600g cyl2.001361Call$309.00Buy
8128T Weight: 1,000g cyl5.001360Call$346.00Buy
8126T Weight: 1,500g cyl6.001359Call$360.00Buy
8124T Weight: 2kg cyl7.001358Call$368.00Buy
8122T Weight: 3kg cyl9.001357Call$551.00Buy
8120T Weight: 4kg cyl11.001356Call$857.00Buy
8118T Weight: 4kg cyl11.001355Call$930.00Buy
8116T Weight: 5kg cyl13.001354Call$952.00Buy
8114T Weight: 5kg grip13.001353Call$1,021.00Buy
8112T Weight: 8kg grip19.001352Call$1,358.00Buy
8110T Weight: 10kg grip24.001351Call$1,431.00Buy
8108T Weight: 16kg grip36.001350Call$1,888.00Buy
8106T Weight: 20kg grip48.001349Call$2,079.00Buy
8104T Weight: 24kg grip53.001348Call$2,390.00Buy
8102T Weight: 25kg grip58.001347Call$2,440.00Buy
8100T Weight: 30kg grip68.001346Call$2,981.00Buy

ASTM Class 1 NVLAP Certificate
8158W Weight: 10g cyl1.005139Call$209.00Buy
8156W Weight: 20g cyl1.005140Call$209.00Buy
8154W Weight: 30g cyl1.005141Call$209.00Buy
8153W Weight: 40g cyl1.005142Call$209.00Buy
8152W Weight: 50g cyl1.005143Call$209.00Buy
8150W Weight: 60g cyl1.005144Call$209.00Buy
8148W Weight: 70g cyl1.005145Call$209.00Buy
8146W Weight: 80g cyl1.005146Call$209.00Buy
8144W Weight: 100g cyl1.005147Call$209.00Buy
8142W Weight: 150g cyl1.005148Call$302.00Buy
8140W Weight: 160g cyl1.005149Call$323.00Buy
8138W Weight: 200g cyl2.005150Call$326.00Buy
8136W Weight: 300g cyl2.005151Call$334.00Buy
8134W Weight: 400g cyl2.005152Call$345.00Buy
8132W Weight: 500g cyl2.005153Call$355.00Buy
8130W Weight: 600g cyl2.005154Call$398.00Buy
8128W Weight: 1,000g cyl5.005155Call$423.00Buy
8126W Weight: 1,500g cyl6.005156Call$457.00Buy
8124W Weight: 2kg cyl7.005157Call$468.00Buy
8122W Weight: 3kg cyl9.005158Call$643.00Buy
8120W Weight: 4kg cyl11.005159Call$935.00Buy
8118W Weight: 4kg grip11.005160Call$1,082.00Buy
8116W Weight: 5kg cyl13.005161Call$1,038.00Buy
8114W Weight: 5kg grip13.005162Call$1,139.00Buy
8112W Weight: 8kg grip19.005163Call$1,397.00Buy
8110W Weight: 10kg grip24.005164Call$1,476.00Buy
8108W Weight: 16kg grip36.005165Call$1,916.00Buy
8106W Weight: 20kg grip48.005166Call$2,096.00Buy
8104W Weight: 24kg grip53.005167Call$2,383.00Buy
8102W Weight: 25kg grip58.005168Call$2,479.00Buy
8100W Weight: 30kg grip68.005169Call$3,099.00Buy

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