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ESM1500 Mark-10 motorized test stand

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

ESM1500 and ESM750 single-column force testers are highly configurable solutions for tension and compression measurement applications, with capacities of 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN) and 750 lbF (3.4 kN), respectively.
With generous travel and clearance, they are suitable for break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, load holding, elongation testing, tensile testing, compression testing, and more.
Satisfy various test methods through an intuitive menu with selectable test parameters, such as speed, number of cycles, etc.
Up to 50 profiles may be saved and password protected.
Crosshead positioning for sample setup is a breeze with available Follow Me.
Using your hand as your guide, push and pull on the load to move the crosshead at a dynamically variable speed.
The stands feature a unique modular controller function platform.
Functions such as travel measurement, cycling, etc. are offered individually, accommodating a wide range of budgets and applications.
Collect force and travel data, plot and analyze results, and control test stand motion via MESUR gauge Plus software.
Or, fully control the stand by a PC through a custom application

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy
ESM1500LC load cell 1,500 lb198.006116Call$8,700.00Buy
ESM1500FG force gauge 1,500 lb198.006117Call$8,700.00Buy
ESM1500SLC load cell 1,500 lb160.006118Call$8,140.00Buy
ESM1500SFG force gauge 1,500 lb160.006119Call$8,140.00Buy
ESM750LC load cell 750 lb185.006120Call$7,570.00Buy
ESM750FG force gauge 750 lb19.006121Call$7,350.00Buy
ESM750SLC load cell 750 lb150.006122Call$7,050.00Buy
ESM750SFG force gauge 750 lb150.006123Call$7,050.00Buy

AC1055 Base plate, matrix 3.006124Call$135.00Buy
AC1054 Base plate, multiple center 3.006125Call$135.00Buy
AC1072 Base plate 1/2-20 center 3.006126Call$135.00Buy
AC1057 Force gauge mounting kit 12.006127Call$480.00Buy
AC1056 Load cell mounting kit 12.007900Call$480.00Buy
SF008 FollowMe positioning 0.007901Call$565.00Buy
SF009 Travel indication ESM1500/ESM750 0.007902Call$1,985.00Buy
SF009-1 Travel indication ESM1500S/ESM750S 0.007903Call$1,525.00Buy
SF010 Computer control via USB 0.007904Call$1,165.00Buy
SF011 Programmable travel set points 0.007905Call$940.00Buy
SF012 Overload protection 0.007906Call$820.00Buy
SF013 Auto return 0.007907Call$560.00Buy
SF014 Cycling dwell time 61.007908Call$820.00Buy
SF016 Independent up & down speeds 0.007909Call$505.00Buy
SF017 Extended speed range, low 0.007910Call$560.00Buy
SF018 Extended speed range, high 1500/1500S 0.007911Call$560.00Buy
SF018-1 Extended speed range, high 750/750S 0.007912Call$560.00Buy
SF019 Break detection 0.007913Call$560.00Buy
SF020 Load holding 0.007914Call$825.00Buy
SF021 Preload sample touch 0.007536Call$690.00Buy
SF022 Profiles 0.007537Call$940.00Buy
SFCOMP Complete options ESM1500/ESM750 0.007538Call$6,835.00Buy
SFCOMP-1 Complete options ESM1500S/ESM750S 0.007539Call$6,425.00Buy

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