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Grips Mark-10

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

For use with digital force gauges, digital torque gauges, digital force/torque indicators and test stands.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy
G1001 Wire terminal grip 0.000" to 0.125" OD 2.005889Call$325.00Buy
G1001-1 Wire terminal grip 0.125" to 0.250" OD 2.005800Call$325.00Buy
G1001-2 Wire terminal grip 0.250" to 0.375" OD 2.005801Call$325.00Buy
G1002 Dual roller grip 0" to 0.25" 2.005890Call$265.00Buy
G1002-1 Dual roller grip 0.10" to 0.34" 1.005802Call$215.00Buy
G1003 Mini component grip 2.005891Call$200.00Buy
G1008 Film & paper grip 1.25" wide 1.005892Call$300.00Buy
G1009 Compression plate 2" dla 1.005893Call$55.00Buy
G1009-1 Compression plate 3" dia 2.005894Call$90.00Buy
G1009-2 Compression plate 2" dia 2.005939Call$80.00Buy
G1009-3 Compression plate 3" dia 2.005954Call$120.00Buy
G1010 Pin vise 0.062" to 0.375" dia 2.005895Call$120.00Buy
G1010-1 Pin vise 0.028" to 0.25" dia 2.005941Call$120.00Buy
G1010-2 Pin vise 0.078" to 0.5" dia 2.005942Call$120.00Buy
G1011 Rubber tip 1.005896Call$45.00Buy
G1013 Parallel jaw grip 3.0058981$255.00Buy
G1015-1 Film & paper grip 3" wide 3.0058992$375.00Buy
G1015-2 Film & paper grip 5" wide 5.005900Call$395.00Buy
G1015-3 Film & paper grip 7" wide 7.005901Call$425.00Buy
G1016-1 Jacobs chuck STH 0.25" 2.005863Call$165.00Buy
G1016-2 Jacobs chuck STH 0.375" 2.005864Call$170.00Buy
G1016-3 Jacobs chuck STH 0.5" 2.005865Call$175.00Buy
G1017 Bit holder for STH 2.005905Call$175.00Buy
G1019 Padded attachment square 2.005908Call$55.00Buy
G1020 Padded attachment rectangle 2.005909Call$75.00Buy
G1021 Padded attachment curved 2.005910Call$95.00Buy
G1022-1 Jacobs chuck TST 0.25" 1.006730Call$215.00Buy
G1022-2 Jacobs chuck TST 0.375" 1.006731Call$240.00Buy
G1022-3 Jacobs chuck TST 0.5" 1.006732Call$265.00Buy
G1023 Bottle grip for TST 6"dia 1.006733Call$595.00Buy
G1046 Pneumatic grip 1.005944Call$715.00Buy
G1053 Universal v-jaw grip 1.005945Call$385.00Buy
G1056 Multi jaw grip 1.005946Call$350.00Buy
G1058 Cap grip 1.005947Call$475.00Buy
G1061 Wedge grip 0.75" jaw 1.005948Call$690.00Buy
G1061-1 Wedge grip 0.375" jaw 1.005949Call$620.00Buy
G1061-2 Wedge grip 1.0" jaw 4.005950Call$755.00Buy
G1061-3 Wedge grip 0.75" jaw rubber face 4.005897Call$755.00Buy
G1062 Miniature wedge grip 1.005196Call$335.00Buy
G1074 Vice grip 1.005197Call$370.00Buy
G1071 Score bend fixture set 4.005198Call$530.00Buy
G1072 Opening force fixtue set 1.005199Call$480.00Buy
G1076 Wire terminal grip turret 1.005200Call$495.00Buy
G1077 Clevis grip 1.005201Call$145.00Buy
G1078 Miniature filament grip 1.005202Call$350.00Buy
G1085 Dual roller grip adjustable 1.005203Call$475.00Buy
G1086 Coefficient of friction fixture 1.005204Call$1,785.00Buy
G1087 Compression plate 3.78" eye end 1.005205Call$250.00Buy
G1087-1 Compression plate 2.20" dia eye end 1.005206Call$120.00Buy
G1089 Syringe fixture 1.005207Call$1,135.00Buy
G1090 High capacity clevis grip eye end 1.005208Call$385.00Buy
G1092 High capacity wire rope grip eye end 1.006375Call$960.00Buy
G1093 High capacity wire terminal grip eye end 1.006376Call$1,590.00Buy
G1094 High capacity eccentric roller grip eye end 1.006377Call$1,135.00Buy
G1095 Bend fixture eye end 1.006378Call$950.00Buy
G1096 High capacity bend fixture eye end 1.006379Call$1,300.00Buy
G1097 Upper anvil for bend fixture eye end 1.006380Call$180.00Buy
G1098 Loop tack fixture 1.006381Call$980.00Buy
G1100 Parallel jaw grip large eye end 1.006382Call$710.00Buy
G1101 Parallel jaw grip medium eye end 1.006383Call$390.00Buy
G1102 Wire rope grip large eye end 1.006384Call$710.00Buy
G1103 Wire rope grip medium eye end 1.006385Call$455.00Buy
G1104 Flip cap grip 1.006386Call$180.00Buy
G1105 Cork extraction fixture 1.006387Call$1,430.00Buy
G1106 Vise grip self centering 1.006801Call$890.00Buy
G1107 Snap hook 1.006802Call$130.00Buy
G1109 90 degree peel fixture 1.006803Call$2,140.00Buy
G1110 Puncture fixture eye end 1.006804Call$2,915.00Buy
G1111 Ribbon grip eye end 1.006805Call$860.00Buy

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