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FX-i A&D Precision

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Small size to take up less counter space. 7.6" wide by 10.3" long is less that a sheet of paper 8.5" x 11". Fast stabilization time of 1 second is due to the super hybrid sensor. Comparator function. Vacuum fluorescent display. Weighing units: g, oz, lb, lb-oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl, tol, mes, pcs, %, MLT. Digital calibration function. Statistical calculation function. Quick USB interface (FXi-02). Standard RS-232 interface. LAN Ethernet interface (FXi-08) with WINCT-Plus Software. 120 VAC adapter. 5 year warranty. 193 W x 262.5 D x 84.5 H mm. NTEP Legal for Trade 08-045A2 Canada AM-5692

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

130mm dia pan
FX-120i w/Breeze Break 122 x 0.001g10.0062531$1,195.00Buy
FX-200i w/Breeze Break 220 x 0.001g8.456273Call$1,240.00Buy
FX-300i w/Breeze Break 320 x 0.001g11.0062742$1,290.00Buy
FX-500i w/Breeze Break 520g x 0.001g11.006792Call$1,505.00Buy

130mm dia pan NTEP Legal for Trade
FX-120iN* w/Breeze Break 122g x 0.001g8.456737Call$1,250.00Buy
FX-200iN w/Breeze Break 220g x 0.001g8.456738Call$1,290.00Buy
FX-300iN w/Breeze Break 320g x 0.001g8.456310Call$1,345.00Buy
N suffix is NTEP.     

130mm dia pan Measurement Canada approved
FX-120iNC w/Breeze Break 122 x 0.001g8.456788Call$1,250.00Buy
FX-200iNC w/Breeze Break 220g x 0.001g8.456789Call$1,290.00Buy
FX-300iNC w/Breeze Break 320 x 0.001g11.006791Call$1,345.00Buy
C suffix is Measurement Canada approved.     

150mm dia pan
FX-1200i 1,220 x 0.01g10.0062753$1,220.00Buy
FX-2000i 2,200 x 0.01g11.006276Call$1,285.00Buy
FX-3000i 3,200 x 0.01g10.006277Call$1,335.00Buy
FX-5000i 5,200g x 0.01g10.006798Call$1,510.00Buy

150mm dia pan NTEP Legal for Trade
FX-1200iN 1,200g x 0.01g10.0067951$1,270.00Buy
FX-2000iN 2,200g x 0.01g11.006796Call$1,340.00Buy
FX-3000iN 3,200g x 0.01g11.0067972$1,360.00Buy

150mm dia pan Measurement Canada approved
FX-1200iNC 1,220g x 0.01g10.0067994$1,270.00Buy
FX-2000iNC 2,200g x 0.01g10.0067131$1,340.00Buy
FX-3000iNC 3,200g x 0.01g8.456790Call$1,360.00Buy

FXi-02 USB interface w/cable 2.0062783$100.00Buy
FXi-08 Ethernet w/WinCT software 3.006279Call$330.00Buy
FXi-09 Built in rechargeable battery 8.006280Call$370.00Buy
FXi-10 Breeze break small 3.4"h 5.006281Call$90.00Buy
FXi-11 Breeze break large 7.9"h 6.0062822$150.00Buy

Service Parts
FXi-BRACKET NTEP bracket A&D FXi 1.006144Call$23.00Buy
05:A42208 sealing screw A&D FXi 1.006145Call$10.00Buy
06:4005645 leveling foot A&D FXi 0.031228Call$10.00Buy
03-4017750 metal pan support arm A&D FXi 0.1262202$15.00Buy
04:3008433 pan 130mm for A&D FX120i-300i 0.146128Call$42.85Buy

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