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PT300DW Intercomp wheel load scale

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Heavy duty, wireless all aluminum, electronic self contained wheel load scale.
1% accuracy.
Includes (4) Nicad batteries per scale.
One scale will read the total weight of all scales or itself by pressing the LOCAL/TOTAL button.
(200) hours continuous use before recharge.
Low power LCD display is easy to read in daylight and has LAMP switch for back lit display for use at night.
Serial 20 ma current loop, 1200 baud output to printers or remote displays.
PRINT switch will start serial output of the local weight.
Separate switches for ON and OFF control power.
When scale is turned on the display units will be lb.
The LB/KG switch will change the display units to either kg or lb.
HOLD/RELEASE switch places the scale in automatic capture mode for in-motion weighing when in the HOLD position.
RELEASE places the scale in normal static weighing mode.
ZERO/TEST switch will set zero and check for motion to HB-44, and also performs internal test.
22" x 26" x 3"H, 60 lb.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

14" x 22" Platform
PT300DW-20 Intercomp wheel load scale 20,000 lb x 20 lb60.0016582$2,295.00Buy
PT300DW-10 Intercomp wheel load scale 20,000 lb x 10 lb60.001659Call$2,445.00Buy
PT300DW-5 Intercomp wheel load scale 10,000 lb x 5 lb60.0016602$2,445.00Buy
PT300DW-55 Intercomp wheel load scale 5,000 lb x 5 lb60.002921Call$2,295.00Buy
PT300DW-30K Intercomp wheel load scale 30,000 lb x 50 lb60.002922Call$3,295.00Buy
PT300DW-40K Intercomp wheel load scale 40,000 lb x 100 lb60.002923Call$3,795.00Buy

100050 2 scale carrying case for PT300DW 40.001677Call$1,195.00Buy
100051 4 Scale carrying case for PT300DW 60.001678Call$1,695.00Buy
100052 6 Scale carrying case for PT300DW 90.001679Call$2,495.00Buy

Service Parts
250327 Keypad for PT300 (8) button 1.006185Call$133.49Buy
240063 Intercomp LCD display for PT300 1.0061883$49.95Buy
250409 Keypad for PT300 (4) button 1.006199Call$153.49Buy
000196-T Load cell, blue cable 4.005559Call$432.36Buy
810027 Main board PT300 (4) button 1.006200Call$595.00Buy
100480 Charger & cable (1) scale 2.001508Call$160.00Buy
100492 Charger & cable (2) scales 2.001509Call$254.00Buy
100493 Charger & cable (4) scales 2.001510Call$424.00Buy
100494 Charger & cable (6) scales 3.001004Call$594.00Buy
330158 battery pack w/(4) AA NiCad batteries 1.0023169$39.00Buy
330010 battery pack w/ (6) AA NiCad batteries 1.0019603$44.00Buy

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