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Totalcomp Base heavy duty SS

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Sturdy smooth deck construction for heavy usage. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, with stainless steel load cells and a NEMA 4X stainless steel junction box. Optional stainless steel ramps. NTEP 97-019 III, 5,000 div.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy
2' x 2' x 3" Size     
T2x2-1K-SS 1,000lb80.003384Call$2,924.00Buy
T2x2-2K-SS 2,000lb80.003385Call$2,924.00Buy

30" x 30" x 3" Size
T30x30-1K-SS 1,000lb140.003386Call$3,568.00Buy
T30x30-2K-SS 2,000lb140.003387Call$3,568.00Buy

3' x 3' x 3" Size
T3x3-2K-SS 2,000lb200.003388Call$3,853.00Buy
T3x3-5K-SS 5,000lb120.0033891$1,714.00Buy

4' x 4' x 3" Size
T4x4-5K-SS 5,000lb212.00339017$2,256.00Buy
T4x4-10K-SS 10,000lb190.0033914$2,256.00Buy

4' x 5' x 3" Size
T4x5-5K-SS 5,000lb380.003392Call$4,408.00Buy
T4x5-10K-SS 10,000lb380.003393Call$4,408.00Buy

4' x 6' x 5" Size
T4x6-5K-SS 5,000lb430.003394Call$4,587.00Buy

4' x 6' x 3" Size
T4x6-10K-SS 10,000lb430.003395Call$4,587.00Buy

5' x 5' x 3" Size
T5x5-5K-SS 5,000lb455.003396Call$5,416.00Buy
T5x5-10K-SS 10,000lb405.0033973$3,695.00Buy

5' x 7' x 3" Size
T5x7-5K-SS 5,000lb690.003398Call$7,661.00Buy
T5x7-10K-SS 10,000lb690.003399Call$7,661.00Buy

5' x 7' x 5" Size
T5x7-20K-SS (Not NTEP) 20,000lb999.993400Call$9,991.00Buy

Ramps, Stainless Steel

2' x 2' Size
TR-22-SS-10 10,000lb65.003401Call$1,451.00Buy

3' x 3' Size
TR-33-SS-10 10,000lb125.003402Call$1,548.00Buy

4' x 4' Size
TR-44-SS-10 10,000lb220.0034044$1,812.00Buy

5' x 4' Size
TR-54-SS-10 10,000lb270.003406Call$2,523.00Buy

5' x 4' Size
TR-54-SS-20 20,000lb475.003408Call$4,500.00Buy

Scale Bases are FOB Factory

Service parts
IDS950-4 Summing Junction Box 2.00394248$100.00Buy
DBF 1/2-20-SS beam foot 2.004313223$36.00Buy
TSB-2.5K-SS Totalcomp beam 2,500 lb3.002264Call$339.63Buy
TSB-5K-SE-SS Totalcomp beam 5,000 lb3.0022665$339.63Buy

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