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TBL Totalcomp bench scale

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Stainless Steel heavy platform that includes stainless steel load cell rubber adjustable feet and bubble level.
Integral overload protection is provided for both static and dynamic overloads.
Equipped with our TLI full stainless steel indicator, 6 digit 2 LCD back-lit display.
Battery and AC adapter included.
Indicator is wall or desk mount
Indicator can be mounted on an optional column.
Weighing units: lbs, kg, g, lb:oz.
Functions include: Over/Under (lights and buzzer), Animal Weighing, Piece Counting (lb oz Piece Counting is not legal for trade).
NTEP Legal for Trade 13-090 Class III 6,000 div (Indicator)
NTEP Legal for Trade 14-050 Class III 5,000 div (Platform)

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy
12" x 12" Platform x 4.25" High     
TBL-1212-15-SS Totalcomp bench scale 15 lb X 0.002 lb42.00819712$730.00Buy
TBL-1212-30-SS Totalcomp bench scale 30 lb x 0.005 lb42.008198Call$730.00Buy
TBL-1212-50-SS Totalcomp bench scale 50 lb x 0.005 lb8.00819916$730.00Buy
TBL-1212-100-SS Totalcomp bench scale 100 lb x 0.01 lb16.00820017$730.00Buy
TBL-1212-200-SS Totalcomp bench scale 200 lb x 0.02 lb10.00820113$730.00Buy

12" x 14" Platform x 4.25" High
TBL-1214-15-SS Totalcomp bench scale 15 lb x 0.002 lb44.008202Call$746.00Buy
TBL-1214-30-SS Totalcomp bench scale 30 lb x 0.005 lb2.008203Call$746.00Buy
TBL-1214-50-SS Totalcomp bench scale 50 lb x 0.005 lb21.00820418$746.00Buy
TBL-1214-100-SS Totalcomp bench scale 100 lb x 0.01 lb10.00820515$746.00Buy
TBL-1214-200-SS Totalcomp bench scale 200 lb x 0.02 lb44.0082068$746.00Buy

16" x 16" Platform x 4.25" High
TBL-1616-15-SS Totalcomp bench scale 15 lb x 0.002 lb46.008207Call$756.00Buy
TBL-1616-30-SS Totalcomp bench scale 30 lb x 0.005 lb46.008208Call$756.00Buy
TBL-1616-50-SS Totalcomp bench scale 50 lb x 0.005 lb23.00820913$756.00Buy
TBL-1616-100-SS Totalcomp bench scale 100 lb x 0.01 lb25.00821012$756.00Buy
TBL-1616-300-SS Totalcomp bench scale 300 lb x 0.02 lb30.0082113$756.00Buy

24" x 24" Platform x 4.25" High
TBL-2424-100-SS Totalcomp bench scale 100 lb x 0.01 lb10.0082126$1,195.00Buy
TBL-2424-250-SS Totalcomp bench scale 250 lb x 0.05 lb58.00821316$1,195.00Buy
TBL-2424-500-SS Totalcomp bench scale 500 lb x 0.05 lb58.0082145$1,195.00Buy
TBL-2424-1000-SS Totalcomp bench scale 1,000 lb x 0.1 lb60.0082157$1,195.00Buy

TBT-1212/1214-SS square column 8" high for TBL 2.00766124$46.50Buy
TBT-1616/2424-SS column 13" high for TBL 4.00688514$56.64Buy
TBT-1616/2424-SS column 23" high for TBL 4.00766219$63.80Buy
TBT-1616/2424-SS column 26" high for TBL 4.00766323$68.40Buy
LED Light tower w/ relay box for TLI indicator 5.00265911$205.00Buy
4-20 ma Analog Output for TLI indicator 1.00302326$87.12Buy

Service Parts
AC adapter 100-240VAC to 12VDC for TBL 1.00636251$28.79Buy
Front Overlay for TLI indicator 1.00335925$25.41Buy
Main Board for TLI indicator 1.00376416$271.04Buy
GH645 Battery lead acid rechargeable 2.00611439$29.00Buy
111300011 Rover Transformer for TLI indicator 1.001933$35.45Buy
TBT-M10-SPB SS Foot for TBL 1.00767322$5.68Buy
TBT-M12-SPB-SS Foot for TBL 1.00766033$5.80Buy
TBT-M12-PB-MS foot 16"x16", 24"x24" M12, 2 3/4" dia for TBL 1.00766640$5.92Buy

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