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TCM Totalcomp canister w/mount

Welcome to Totalcomp Scales & Components - Large Wholesale Scale & Balance Distributor

Strain gauge load cell
2 mv/v, 350 ohm input, 350 ohm output
30 ft 4 wire cable
IP67 stainless steel hermetically sealed load cell and mounting plates
This tank mount assembly uses a canister load cell with two attached mounting plates. The lower plate is rigidly mounted to the load cell and the top plate allows horizontal expansion but does not allow the top plate to separate from the load cell.

Part NumberCapacityWeightStockAvailablePriceBuy

Tank Mount Assembly
TCM7-1K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 1,000 lb20.002611Call$1,341.30Buy
TCM7-2K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 2,000 lb20.002612Call$1,341.30Buy
TCM7-5K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 5,000 lb20.002613Call$1,341.30Buy
TCM8-10K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 10,000 lb43.002614Call$1,645.88Buy
TCM8-20K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 20,000 lb41.0026154$1,645.88Buy
TCM8-25K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 25,000 lb41.002616Call$1,645.88Buy
TCM8-50K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 50,000 lb44.002617Call$1,645.88Buy
TCM8-100K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 100,000 lb50.002825Call$1,761.38Buy
TCM8-150K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 150,000 lb60.002826Call$2,223.38Buy
TCM8-200K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 200,000 lb60.002827Call$2,223.38Buy
TCM8-250K-SS Totalcomp canister w/mount 250,000 lb60.004475Call$2,223.38Buy

Replacement Load Cells
TC78-1K-SS Totalcomp canister only 1,000 lb6.002618Call$945.00Buy
TC78-2K-SS Totalcomp canister only 2,000 lb6.002619Call$945.00Buy
TC78-5K-SS Totalcomp canister only 5,000 lb6.0026203$945.00Buy
TC78-10K-SS Totalcomp canister only 10,000 lb6.0026212$945.00Buy
TC78-20K-SS Totalcomp canister only 20,000 lb6.002622Call$945.00Buy
TC78-25K-SS Totalcomp canister only 25,000 lb6.0026232$945.00Buy
TC78-50K-SS Totalcomp canister only 50,000 lb6.0026241$945.00Buy
TC78-100K-SS Totalcomp canister only 100,000 lb13.002829Call$1,050.00Buy
TC78-150K-SS Totalcomp canister only 150,000 lb29.002830Call$1,470.00Buy
TC78-200K-SS Totalcomp canister only 200,000 lb29.002831Call$1,470.00Buy
TC78-250K-SS Totalcomp canister only 250,000 lb29.004476Call$1,470.00Buy

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